Controlled Pulse Resistance Welding (CPRW)

Controlled Pulse Resistance Welding (CPRW), is a new projection welding process that is built on the fundamentals of resistance welding and MFDC machines but leverages technological advances to further refine the process and decrease variability in results. 

New, advanced materials can sometimes be challenging to weld with conventional equipment. Differences in material compositions, strengths, hardnesses, and new coatings can increase demand for equipment and contribute to subpar results. The industry needs options—and today, manufacturers have an additional one that uses industrially recognized and accepted MFDC equipment while providing enhanced performance. 

CPRW offers:

  • High peak currents and short weld times to weld advanced materials. 
  • A purpose-built, fast follow-up actuator designed to provide consistent weld force during short weld times (with no mechanical follow-up addition required).
  • Specially selected electrode alloy and shape to accommodate the high material rigidity and provide good, consistent contact. 
  • Optimized transformer, weld control, machine parameters, and mechanical design to provide the most flexibility when selecting the current profile. 
The following products can all be outfitted with CPRW systems:
  • SoftMount™ Gun
  • PedTec™ Gun
  • FlexFast™ Fastener Welder

Contact us for more information or view the CPRW Process brochure below.